About Me

I'm a 29 year old living in Rochester, New York. I love food, design, and great conversation.

I specialize in food & lifestyle photography, screen-to-print design, and hand-lettering. I'm great at bringing lots of pieces together to turn them into something amazing.

I got my degree in illustration & drawing, but worked in a really interdisciplinary art department - so I got to learn the finer points of photography, printmaking, and design. After school, I wanted to explore my love of food and my newfound veganism, so I started a tumblr blog called hipsterfood. Fifty-thousand followers later, I really wanted to do something more with the audience I had built. So in 2011 I started an indie magazine called Chickpea as a response to everything I disliked about mainstream publications. Issues of Chickpea are now in print around the world and hipsterfood reached a whopping 250,000 followers.

If you want to get in touch besides my contact form, feel free to email me at cara.lynne.x@gmail.com

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