hand lettering

My wabi-sabi method of lettering keeps the texture & soul of the lettering I create, bringing warmth and life to any project you add it to. (While still working within typographically sound design principles.) I think hand lettered elements bring a welcome touch of contrast to more modern design, whether on websites, social media platforms, wedding invitations, address stamps, logos, or whatever else you want to make one-of-a-kind.

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layout design

If you're looking for a totally modern design for your ebook or book, you've come to the right place. I custom design each page to make the most of its content. I've been working in screen to print design for the past six years, and can help you bring your print ideas to life. If you're looking to stay digital, however, I can customize your project to work well on the web or for download.

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food photography

Creating the perfect, inviting food photo takes more than just a blurry snap on your cellphone camera to be truly mouth-watering. I use my honed skills & techniques in natural light photography and food & prop styling to give you perfectly styled shots that can be used for your website, Facebook, menu, Instagram, book/ebook, and much more. 

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portrait photography

Looking for lifestyle or portraits for you or your business? I take totally natural, airy photos in low-stress environments, so that even the most camera-shy among us would feel comfortable. These make perfect accompaniments to websites, business materials, photos for press, or just as a great social media profile photo.

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what does working with you look like?

No matter how I'm working with you, the beginning of the process is nearly identical in any case.

First I get to know your basic project details, then your specific ideas and style. (Shared Pinterest boards are a valuable tool here!) Then I come back with sketches of what your project might look like, along with any other material notes. This can all happen via email, over the phone, or in person if you're local to Rochester.

When it comes to the bulk of the work (whether it's lettering, photography, or design) the timeline can vary as every project I do is so unique, so we can go over that in more detail as we discuss your goals and details.