My name is Cara and I live in Rochester, New York. I love creating in every way that I can, but I'd say I'm especially good at putting it all together in one beautiful package.

My love of the visual started early, and I took every art class I possibly could in high school. I got my BFA in drawing & illustration from SUNY Oswego in 2009, though it was an interdisciplinary program - so I learned as much as I could, ranging from printmaking to sculpture to bookbinding to lots of photography and design.

After school I took a break and got into cooking, and I started a Tumblr about how I was going vegan. It blew up and within a few months I had 30,000 followers under my belt. (In 2017, we have 250,000 on Tumblr alone.) I decided to make something more of it, and started a community-based quarterly magazine called Chickpea. After years of learning lots of lessons and putting my mixed-media education to use, we're 20+ issues on and better than ever.