upstate NY photographer
upstate NY portrait photographer


SINGLE $125 • 1 hour session, 1 person, 1 outfit, 30 images

COUPLE $175 • 1 hour session, 2 people, 1 outfit per person, 40 images

GROUP $300 • 1.5 hour session, 3-5 people, 1 outfit per person, 50 images

rochester NY wedding photographer


SIX-HOUR $1000, 400 images

ALL DAY $1500, 800 images


ALBUM +$350, custom-designed

vegan food photographer


$500 per 8-hour day, not including material cost. (8AM-4PM)

Styling/Shooting Food: Between 7-20 dishes/recipes/setups per day depending on complexity of shoot.

Styling/Shooting Product: Contact with more detail for volume quote.

I'm available to work remotely - we can do call or Skype meetings to go over specifics.


$5/page for up to 32 pages

$4/page for up to 100 pages

Contact for quote for more than 100 pages.



All projects are different - contact for a quote!


For when my group classes sell out too fast, when you have lots of specific questions, or when a group setting wouldn't be enough for you.

$125 per hour for a one-on-one lesson in whatever you need help with. We can go over photography basics, getting out of automatic, editing, workflow, adding graphics, design, social media help, etc. It's the perfect way to get ALL of your questions answered.

Save money by adding more people to your session. Lesson can be taught via Skype or my home studio. 

Like my work? Let's make something great together! 

Please note: I'm fully booked for big projects until February 2018, and cannot currently take on unpaid work. Please contact sales{at} for inquiries relating to Chickpea.

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Deadline for Project/Date of Event (If any)
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